King Scallops

A scallop from Norway is a hand-picked delicacy – literally. In Norway, this exclusive and tasty mollusc is only harvested manually by divers, making Norwegian scallop one of the most ecologically friendly seafoods in the world. With a meaty and firm texture, it is also perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of sea mollusks.


  • 10-12 cm
  • 12-13 cm
  • 13+ cm


King scallops are harvested all year round, depending on the area they are harvested from

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  • Kongsnegl


  • Taskekrabbe

    (Brown Crab)

  • Kamskjell

    (King Scallops)

  • Sjøpølse

    (Sea Cucumber)

  • Knivskjell

    (Razor Clam)

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