Brown Crab

The brown crab is the biggest edible crab that occurs naturally in Norwegian waters. Although the red king crab and snow crab are bigger, both of them were introduced to Norwegian waters by humans. Measured at the top of its shell,it is usually around 9 cm long and 15 cm wide, but under favourable circumstances, it can grow to an impressive width of 25 cm. There’s excellent meat both in its claws and inside its shell.


  • 200-400g
  • 400-600g
  • 600-1000g
  • 1KGS +


All year around, but it’s at its best during autumn.

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  • Kongsnegl


  • Taskekrabbe

    (Brown Crab)

  • Kamskjell

    (King Scallops)

  • Sjøpølse

    (Sea Cucumber)

  • Knivskjell

    (Razor Clam)

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