In 2015 we established our presence in Seoul, South Korea, and have since been eagerly servicing the market. Our success as a salmon exporter to South Korea has been featured in the news in both Norway and Korea.

We offer a wide selection of fresh, delicious and responsibly produced seafood straight from our own plant. Winning the world for Norwegian seafood.

At our processing plant N2311 we have perfected the packing process of live seafood shipped directly to Incheon with Korean Air. This gives our seafood exquisite freshness and low mortality.

Local Korean contacts

Alex Paik

Korea Director

(+82) 10-5042-1337

Roy Kim

Sales Manager

(+82) 10-9046-0539

We are proud to work with professionals who understand the importance
of quality where origin matters.

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  • Kongsnegl

    ( 北蛾螺; 골뱅이 )

  • Taskekrabbe

    ( 面包蟹; 브라운 크랩 )

  • Kamskjell

    ( 欧洲扇贝; 가리비 )

  • Sjøpølse

    ( 北大西洋海参; 해삼 )

  • Knivskjell
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